Unitop® – highly durable and efficient

The objective of any service company in the energy sector is to provide hot water for heating of buildings, hot domestic water and, increasingly, chilled water for cooling of commercial buildings.

Friotherm is assisting clients with a comprehensive range of services and high quality products.

Unitop® Heat Pumps and Chillers of Friotherm are well known for their unmatched reliability, operational flexibility, outstanding efficiency and long life.

Product range

Friotherm offers a full range of heat pumps and chillers to cover the requirements of clients in the district cooling and district heating sectors. Each product of Friotherm is planned and realised according to the very specific needs of a client. Hence the high operational flexibility of Friotherm products.

Unitop® 33/28 Heat Pump & liquid chiller

Unitop® 33/28 Heat Pump & liquid chiller

Unitop® – simply reliable

Performance Chart
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