Unitop® 22SLiquid Chillers and Heat Pumps

Unitop® Liquid Chillers and Heat Pumps are the ideal solution for:

  • District heating and district cooling systems
  • Dual energy generation: heating and cooling
  • Industrial production plants
  • Large air conditioning installations

Main characteristics of Unitop® 22S – units

  • Brine chilling to -12°C
  • Hot water to +50°C (single stage) / >+80°C (double stage)
  • Water or air cooled
  • Series or parallel operation
  • Industrial type PLC
  • Tailor made solutions to clients specifications
  • Ideal for industrial applications

Main characteristics of Uniturbo® 22S – compressors

  • Open type compressor
  • Integrated planetary gears
  • Suited for all common drives (electric, gas, steam)
  • Capacity 300 kW to 800 kW
  • Partload operation stepless, 100% to 10%
Unitop® 22S chiller, Nuclear power station, CN

Unitop® 22S chiller, Nuclear power station, CN