Stay cool even in summer

During the summer months, the ambient temperatures in urban areas can be quite unbearable. Towns like Helsinki, Paris and Stockholm operate extensive district cooling systems for air conditioning of commercial, public and private buildings.

The urban areas connected to this service are continuously being extended. A limitation to just a few district cooling facilities combined with energy distribution via subterranean networks is ideal for any city – particularly in comparison to thousands of individual RAC units.

Advantages of centralised DC facilities

  • High-efficiency operation
  • Continuous professionell supervision
  • Regular service and mainenance intervals
  • High life expectancy of the entire installation

Friotherm’s services cover all phases of the installations life cycle.

Unitop® 50 Heat pump & liquid chiller, Turku Energia

Unitop® 50 Heat pump & liquid chiller, Turku Energia

One Unitop® Chiller replaces thousands of RAC’s